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Working for affordable access to high-quality health care for all Tennesseans
Working for affordable access to high-quality health care for all Tennesseans

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Larry Drain has been writing one letter per day to Tennessee's Governor Haslam on May 19, 2014.. His short messages emphasized a single important theme. The letters speak to the needs of thousands of Tennesseans for health care coverage. Larry models a form of communication that is often absent from the Governor's office: informed response, mutual respect and dialogue. He speaks to concerns of funding, veterans, public responsibility, integrity, and so much more. On December 15, 2014, Larry stopped writing letters to the Governor as his 134th letter closed with "Today you give me hope." Larry was speaking to Haslam's announcement of Insure Tennessee which hopefully will allow Larry and Linda Drain to live together again. They separated to maintain Linda's health coverage. That was and is the system we have in Tennessee. But now there is a possibility that those who need coverage the most will have the access and opportunity they need.

Oh, and Larry is not silenced. He has started down another path: "Dear Legislator". He will be writing until the Legislature goes along with the Governor. 

Larry's voice is powerful and deserves to be shared widely. You can join his blog and receive daily messages. You can post your own letters. You can forward his messages to others. Click here to visit Larry's blog. 

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